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We offer the full range of chemicals that are used in electroplasty.

Our partners continually develop new solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market.

All products we offer comply with legal requirements such as the RoHS European Directives or the REACH Chemical Registration Regulation. Consult us to find solutions to your cleaning / washing problems, surface treatment or to develop new solutions.

Les applications
  • Preparations for all metals (Degreasing)
  • Electrolytic baths for the deposition of base metals
  • Electrolytic baths for electroforming and LiGA
  • Chemical nickel
  • Ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning products
  • Activation, Neutralization of all metals
  • Electrolytic baths for deposition of precious metals
  • Demineralisation (stripper)
  • Special products for water treatment
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