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Oil mist filtration

500 m³/h  –  280 W

The ATMOS provides a healthier working environment and allows the recovery of large quantities of cutting oil, otherwise lost through evaporation.


Our Products and Services

We have been specialized in consulting and selling electroplating products since 1994. Our company is your ideal partner to offer you a complete turnkey solution, from chemistry to the complete installation of a production unit.


  • Ultrasound Cleaners and Cleaners
  • Preparation products for all metals
  • Activation, neutralization of all metals
  • Laundry and cleaning products
  • Electrolytic baths
  • Demeterization (stipper)
  • Special products for water treatment


Installation of Galvano, from the study to the design of manual galvanic lines for the
chemical treatment processes of metals.

We can provide you with a “turnkey” service with validation of your production.


We offer you our expertise in the following areas:

  • Maintenance contract
  • Installation maintenance
  • Troubleshooting on all types of installation
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Chemistry Consulting and Facilities
  • Training


Retrofitting is a practice of adding new technologies or functions to
older systems , while maintaining the configuration of the device.

This redevelopment allows to limit the purchase of new equipment while benefiting from improved efficiency
and making it more durable.

Water treatment

We plan, assemble and deliver water treatment stations and all plastic piping and ventilation.

  • Industry
  • Watch industry
  • Workshops Galvano
  • Public Buildings
  • Private individuals


We are pleased to announce that Racks Concepts is now part of the same group as Christen Galvano SA. Thanks to this partnership, we are able to offer you all the baskets, racks and loops manufactured by Racks Concepts!

What’s New

Gold bath 3N without cobalt REACH     compliant   >> Auruna 5300

Ultra white rhodium-plating bath capable of depositing from 0.01 to 5 micrometers   >> Rhoduna Diamond Bright

New color, Rhodium alloy   >> Rhoduna Alloy

>> Our other solutions