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Water treatment

We plan, assemble and deliver water treatment stations and all plastic piping and ventilation.

  • Industry
  • Watch industry
  • Ateliers galvano
  • Public buildings
  • For private persons

Water Softeners

  • Combined installations
  • Simple installations VAS 10 – VAS 60
  • Double installations VAD 10 – VAD 300
  • Combined installation VAK 4 – VAK 30 of 16-120m3 1 ° dH German hardness. With centralized control including all necessary valves. The exchanger column is made of PE reinforced with glass wool. The control is mechanical or electronic.

Reverse osmosis stations

Fully automated systems for the production of pure water

  • No use of regeneration chemicals
  • No wastewater treatment is required
  • Automatic Quality Monitoring
  • Ready to be mounted on a chassis.
  • For the treatment of wells, product, process, cooling water, boiler water for industry, trade, hospitals and laboratories.

Exchanger installations

The latter are used for the treatment of water intended for chemical or industrial operations, for example the closed circuit rinsing water in the Galvano workshops, or for the recovery of certain cations and anions. These installations can be supplemented with activated carbon filters, quartz / sand filters, continuous UV disinfection …

Detoxification and neutralization by charge and continuous

Treatment of waste water containing or not heavy metals. Treatments by load, neutralization, filtration by filter press, police filter, up to the sewer according to the legal norms. Discussions and approval of systems with authorities

Neutralization by filtration and post-cleaning

Treatment of degreasing baths and activation, various baths without heavy metals and others. Manual or automatic control, with pH-final data recording for authorities.

Total and partial demineralisation plants

For the fully automatic production of water having the qualities required for laboratory, manufacturing or other applications.

These facilities may include:

  • Manual or automatic regeneration
  • Raw water and buffer of treated water
  • Automatic or manual conditioning step

Police Filters

Installations for treating waste water after the filter press are used to eliminate traces of metals (even complexed), such as nickel, copper and zinc, by ion exchange. These installations can operate entirely manually or automatically.


Effluent filtration with cartridge pumps or tray pumps. Filtration of chips, separation of precious metals in oils or washing waters. Representation of the SIEBEC brand.


Ultraviolet disinfection systems against bacteria and bacterial contamination of water from the galvanic process or washing.

Treatment of drinking water

Installation of water softeners for family houses

Increased pressure

To distribute desalinated water in different departments of a company with UV irradiation and an overpressure system is used for each specific need. Thus, each consumer has water available and the pump only operates when necessary.

Plastic construction

Laundry, retention tanks, plastic installations, modification of existing installations …


  • Extraction of vapors on electroplating baths, chapels, laboratories, etc. in PP, PVC and PPS
  • Flue gas scrubber in PP
  • Works in PP, PVC and PPS


Any type of piping (PP, PE, PVC, PVDF)

Installations for special needs in the field of water treatment

Water treatment